Courses Covering SEO Don't Tell The Whole Truth

Search engine optimization is slowly becoming a professional field worthy of formal training, academic research, and continuing education. Although SEO may not yet be ready for college degrees, it is being incorporated into marketing curriculums, and it is discussed as a topic in some graduate programs. As for courses that teach newcomers the ropes, SEO professionals have split opinions.

Jaded SEO professionals have doubts about the worth of courses offered by vendors such as Moz, Yoast, and SEMRush; they see two problems with regard to the lack of depth and the fact that these are companies trying to sell subscriptions to their tools. The basics of modern SEO can often be summarized into blog posts; they have become mantras that repeat the tenets of publishing content filled with semantic keywords and doing everything possible to attract visitors. While these are valid aspects of SEO, courses that limit themselves to discussing content and website traffic strategies ignore what many online marketing experts recommend: treat SEO as public relations and don't worry so much about the Google search algorithm.

The Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide is probably the best for beginners. Of all the available courses, this one is regarded as being the most straightforward, but it does not get into an uncomfortable reality of SEO: Marketing and advertising giants will always be able to rank higher because they "buy links," which actually means that they invest heavily in PR strategies. In other words, SEO and online marketing are more intertwined than ever, and not many courses are teaching this because it takes them away from the on-page technical aspects of this practice.

There is nothing wrong with what you can learn from Yoast and Moz, but it is not enough. Marketing professionals with unlimited budgets will rank higher each and every time because they know how to leverage traditional strategies, and they are not afraid to network with established media channels for the benefit of their clients. This is not being taught by most SEO courses, but it can be found on the case studies that some digital marketing agencies post on their own websites. For more information click here

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