Coronavirus Disrupting Your Online Business? Here's What Google Suggests

Are you pausing your online store and not taking new orders die to the coronavirus disease? Google is addressing this issue on their Webmaster Central Blog.

If you have an e-commerce website, Google suggests you disable your shopping cart's functionality if you don't have any merchandise to sell. Some online retailers are not getting their normal shipments from wholesalers. You can also mark everything as out of stock. This way, people can still look at your products and and them to a wish list. Your site's visibility in search won't change. If you can sell essential items, mark everything else out of stock and keep the shopping cart working for essential purchases.

If you sell essentials, and have enough in stock, consumers will remember your brand. Put an announcement on your home page talking about the essentials you have in stock. People are buying all types of food and OTC medicines, not just toilet paper. The major retailers are running out of supplies so now is the time to gain new customers. Consumers in hard hit areas don't want to risk going out to shop if they can shop online.

Let your customers know what's happening with your store. Put an announcement on your home page. Tell potential new and existing customers when you expect to reopen, if you know, and apologize for any inconvenience. If you have open orders, let your customers know what's going on and give them a way to contact you.

Don't disable your site if you intend to reopen your online store. Google will have to re-index your e-commerce site after you enable it. Your potential customers won't know what is going on' they may easily assume you have gone out of business for good. You want to remain in good standing with Google as well. For more information click here

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