Content Writing Skills Can Prove More Valuable Than SEO Skills

Extremely high quality can get on the first page of the SERPs very quickly, but Newsweek or Washington Post quality content is rare. The best writers are usually working for first-rate media outlets, not building websites they plan to monetize. Nevertheless, there are websites, such as the free Online Writing Lab at Purdue University, where anyone can improve their writing skills.

High quality content has its own perspective which isn't found anywhere else. People who scan the Internet to research a topic end up with no fresh viewpoint. It's fine to check facts online but the best writers publish articles about topics they know inside and out. They have a way of looking at things that makes people eagerly wait for their next post.

Valuable content also has depth. Articles or posts with at least 800 words rank well. It's hard to go into depth in 250 words, although, there are websites where short content is appropriate. Topics such as investing in gold require long form content but someone searching for the length of a football field would be happy with a one-sentence answer.

New research is a sure-fire way to get Google to pay attention to your content. Your research can be a survey of industry professionals, it does not have to be a year-long medical study. As long as you provide fresh information which isn't published elsewhere, you have a shot at earning a position on Google's front page.

Quality content has perfect grammar and spelling, and it does not contain any fluff. The author should be an expert on the subject, especially if the article offers medical, legal or financial advice. Being an expert isn't enough, tout your credential either in the author bio or somewhere on your website.

Look at the web pages that hold the first three positions in the SERPs in your industry. This is the quality of writing you have to beat. For more information click here

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