Community Provides Recommendations for SEO Beginner Courses on Different Platforms

A beginner is looking for the best SEO courses available on the Udemy platform. They posed this question to a big SEO discussion group in hopes of getting some tips on which ones are worth the time and/or expense. This person noted that there are hundreds if not thousands of options, and they did not have the time to sort through all of them.

One person replied with a suggestion to take a look at Search Engine Journal instead. Another person asked why the original poster was only looking on Udemy. They said that Ahrefs, SEM Rush and Moz offer a lot of free online courses for beginners. The original poster should not limit themselves to courses on just one platform.

Another individual replied with a suggestion to look at Data Analytics. Someone else suggested that the original poster watch videos on Udemy about Black Hat and White Hat SEO techniques. One person suggested a course on Udemy. Its name is Local SEO: A Definitive Guide To Local Business Marketing, and it was created by Josh George, who works at ClickSlice Ltd. This person said they have watched that video and found it to be so useful that they have returned to it several times.

A few other people had specific suggestions for the original poster. One of them was the video by Kristina Azarenko. It is called 45 day SEO challenge. Most people suggested courses that are not on Udemy. Their recommendations included a course by the University of California at Davis. It is available through their site and on Coursera, and it is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization.

Some of the other suggestions for videos that are not on Udemy included anything by Neil Patel or on Backlinko. Several commentators said that they have found Chase Reiner, Craig Campbell and Matthew Woodward to be worth following. Others said to read Moz's guide on SEO and to take a look at SEO blueprint by Ryan Stewart. These videos and guides are good for a person who is just getting started and will need to refer back frequently. For more information click here

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