Coder Celebrates Getting Their First Featured Snippet of Code Online

A person wanted to share that they got their first snippet of code. This person stated that they have only been serious about search engine optimization for approximately two months. They have reached out to the community in the past for help with finding resources for learning. The community has come through for this individual, and this person wanted to share that the community's help and their own hard work have paid off.

One person replied with a statement of congratulations and a suggestion to keep at it by using a keyword with a higher search volume. This inspired a conversation between the original poster and the commentator. The two agreed that celebrating the small victories offers motivation to keep going and upping one's game.

Another person wanted to know how the original poster learned how to do SEO so quickly. The original poster wrote back that they created excellent content and dedicated a lot of their time to the learning process. This goes to show that when a person is dedicated, focused and committed to learning something new, they can make it happen. It requires perseverance and self-motivation, but it can be done. It does not have to take a long time.

Some people had a few other questions. They wanted to know what keyword it was that got the featured snippet. Another person asked about what the featured snippet's traffic level was. Finally, a person reminded the original poster that quality SEO begins with thorough keyword research.

The original poster noted that they want to continue learning and honing their skills. In the world of SEO, there is always something new to learn and do. There is always knowledge to share with others, too. The original poster hopes to be able to be a good resource for other newcomers in the future. Celebrating even a small success is a great mood booster. When you achieve something that you have never tried before, it makes you feel confident about your abilities. As this SEO marketer continues to learn, they should be able to build a strong set of skills. For more information click here

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