Choosing The Right SEO Professional Depends On Your Business's Needs

SEO, which is essential for any business with an online presence, is usually done by an in-house staff of one or more or an outside SEO agency. Some small business owners do their SEO, but this is rare. Most have little spare time to learn SEO as they are busy running their business.

If you have a small to mid-size business, it's often better to use an SEO agency than hiring one employee to do all of your SEO. A basic SEO package will cost less per month than hiring an employee. Cost shouldn't be your only consideration though; the quality of the work is also important. SEO agencies will have link building experts, content creators and other people with specialized skills. It can be hard for one person to master everything.

Another advantage to using an SEO agency is their access to subscription SEO software. While a business owner could purchase the same tools, they are expensive. It's hardly worth licensing SEO software for one employee, especially if they didn't use all the features.

Large companies with enterprise-level websites typically hire an in-house SEO staff as this option less expensive than using an agency. Your in-house staff will understand your target audience and know how to write for them. In-house SEO experts can also talk to people in other departments. For example, the in-house SEO could talk to the customer service reps to find what questions people commonly ask and then write content around each question.

There is another option; businesses can hire an SEO agency to train their in-house staff. Not all SEO agencies offer this option, but the larger ones usually offer on-site training.

There is always a chance an SEO agency can engage in unethical practices and cause clients Google penalties. There is also a chance an SEO employee could do the same thing. Business owners should exercise care no matter which option they choose. For more information click here

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