Challenges and Solutions to SEO Goals for Foreign Websites

Depending on whether someone's business is hosted in an area of the world where there are few established competitors providing similar services to that area, that business' owner may find that their SEO-related goals for their site do not face the same challenges as a business based in the United States. This does not always mean that the obstacles the site must surpass to gain local prominence on search engines like Google will be significantly easier than normal, however.

If the website of a company owner based in one of the world's smaller countries is primarily filled with pages that are dynamically generated to host content pulled from an internal database, Google will likely not bother indexing every individual page even if its crawlers have technically discovered them. Google tends to disavow duplicated content between many individual pages and award attention to pages based on whether they include distinct content that has easily identifiable keywords and phrases. What this means is that, ideally, the owner of the website would include thoughtfully written prose in every page on the website to increase each page's perceived appeal by the standards of Google's ranking algorithms.

It would be entirely unfeasible for a single owner to manage the feat of manually writing unique content on each page of a website that has thousands of dynamically generated pages. If it is important to the company's brand that Google individually index all of the pages, the owner's best recourse is to introduce and maintain a regular blog feature. Virtually any website's ranking in the eyes of Google will improve by virtue of having a blog that is persistently updated, but this particular kind of website can benefit especially well because the posts can link to specific pages while discussing them. The owner can regularly write articles that collectively discuss the subjects of multiple pages and rank the ten best pages among them in terms of specific metrics. The existence of internal links pointing to specific pages while accompanied by prose giving context about those pages' contents helps crawlers associate those pages with "quality content." For more information click here

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