Can Links Inside Email Messages Be Turned Into Backlinks?

A CEO of a successful marketing firm recently said that their links inside of the emails they send out to customers and subscribers lead to back links and anchors. A person who is well-experienced in the area of email marketing believes and has experienced otherwise. In the marketer's experience, links in emails have nothing to do with anchors, SERP, back links or anything else. It is just a way to get traffic to a website. This marketer wanted to know if they are right or if the CEO is correct.

One person noted that if the CEO uses an emailed newsletter service such as Mail Chimp that hosts the email newsletter on the client's website, then Google would index it. The indexed page could boost links and SERP. If this is the case, Google may also count the links in the newsletter that is hosted on a web page.

Another person wrote back and explained that the "read this email in a browser" option that a lot of long email newsletters have creates indices on Google, and those indices could have a positive effect on SERP. The person would have to check to see if there are "nofollow" tags on the attributes for the links in the newsletter.

The CEO could also be correct if there is a display of the newsletter archive on their website. If this were the case, then all of the newsletters could be generating additional hits and be counted on Google indexing services. In such an event, Google could be collecting the email addresses that result in clicks or visits to that webpage. This in turn could be provided to the client for future marketing purposes.

One person also wrote back that Google already scans emails for links and possible placement of ads, especially if it is a Gmail address. In general, if the email can be searched on the internet, it can have back links that count on Google indexing and SERP. For internal emails, these would not be crawled by Google. So, both the CEO and the marketer are partly right this time. For more information click here

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