Bots can be Good or Bad; Be Wary

Bots account for more than half of all website traffic. Some are friendly, like Google bot that index sites and looks for new content on existing sites. Unfortunately, most bots are not friendly.

Bot can scrape content from many types of websites and directories. If you use WordPress, include internal links and activate the backtrack feature. This allows you to see who is using your content without your permission. You can also use Copyscape to find duplicate content or find unusual sentences in your content in Google surrounded by quotes and Google will search for the exact sentence. If someone is scraping your content and publishing it as your own, file a DMCA-complaint with Google. Other bots collect email addresses from various online platforms to send spam emails, usually ads for online pharmacies and Viagra.

Spam bots will fill out a form on a website and post links in blog comments and forum posts with links to either irrelevant sites or malware. CAPTCHAs can help prevent bots, but they are not foolproof.

Bots can be even more malicious. Co-ordinated DDOS attacks involves bot visiting a targeted website repeatedly with queries and requests to make a website crash. Bot DDOS attacks can come from competitors or a person dissatisfied with the service they received from a company.

If your site is under a bot attack from one country, you can block IP addresses from this country, unless you rely on traffic from it. A web application firewall to inspect HTTP traffic may also help. The best way to protect your site if you're not tech savvy is to hire a security expert. They can stop current attacks and help you prevent new ones. While this is the most expensive option, your website is vital to your business. It deserves the best protection you can afford. For more information click here

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