Boost Online Presence with Free SEO Utilities

Boost Online Presence with Free SEO Utilities

Keeping track of your website's keywords is very important for any webmaster or internet marketer. The issue is that most websites will charge inane fees in order to just check your website's performance on Google. Luckily, there are a few free utilities online that may help with your website's journey to SEO perfection.

SERP Lab is definitely one of the most mentioned free SERP checker. You may simply enter in your domain, target area, up to five keywords and submit it by completing a simple CAPTCHA. They also have premium services to automate the keyword checking process.
SERP fox is an efficient tool that will allow you to analyze the different keywords that are bringing visitors to your website. The tool will crawl many search engine results and will decide which keywords are the most relevant and which you should consider targeting. They also have a premium product that will expand the amount of keywords that you can search into the thousands.
SERP Stat is another amazing tool that will thoroughly analyze your websites position on Google. Simply type your URL into the box and let their servers do the magic and find which keywords are ranking the highest on Google. They will also conveniently have a CPC calculator that will allow you to determine which keywords will likely award you with the highest payout. The tool is limited to the number of search keywords by 10. You may expand the amount to an unlimited number by using their premium service.
Traffic Travis
Although one of the lesser known alternatives, Traffic Travis offers a wide variety of helpful SEO tools. The usage of their free tool requires registration prior to downloading. The interface is very straightforward to use and includes many options to analyze keywords and page performance. You will also be able to visualize and keep track of the external backlinks that are going to your website. Links will also be organized by page, no-follow or do-follow and its anchor text.

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