Be Careful When Using a Google Sign-in Automated Account

You've probably come across websites which ask you to signin with your Google Account. Medium is a good example, but you see new ones all the time, like SEONanny, a keyword research tool. This signin method often makes people pause and wonder how secure their information is when a third-party site retains it. Actually, unless you enable permissions, your information stays with Google. Google only verifies you are who you say you are with a token.

Google suggests you only use your Google Account to sign in to sites and apps you trust. Once you use your Google Account to sign in, the site may have access to your name, profile picture and Gmail address. Sites may ask for additional permissions for access to additional Google services you use, such as YouTube. Be extremely careful as Google won't take responsibility for how third-party sites use any on your data. The permission's box could already be checked or even hidden.

Using your Google Account to signin is tempting since it is hard to remember user names and passwords for multiple sites. Assuming the site isn't trying to gain additional information using sneaky methods, your data is probably safer with Google than it is with other sites. You can also revoke access through Google whenever you don't use the third-party site anymore. You don't have to remember your password to log on to the site and close your account.

One thing you should worry about is whether you're actually directed to your Google signin page or a spoof. You could be handing your login information to cybercriminals who could hack into your Gmail account or other services that use your Google login information.

While it is safer to use your Google login on sites, if Google is ever hacked. your information for many different sites is exposed. For more information click here

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