Back Links Only Work If the Site's Content Is Great

If someone has content as fresh and informative as their closest competitor, then yes, backlinks can help that person rank better. No one has had a website with terrible content rank well because it had numerous quality links pointing to it. If they did, the site didn’t rank well for long.

Anyone who claims their ranking directly results from backlinks, and their content is sub-par, is probably trying to sell you a guest post and backlink database. The most hyped database currently has a lucrative affiliate program. Look at the websites they ranked using only backlinks and you’ll see they have great content with responsive, fast loading websites that probably do well in Google because of the content.

Pages with long-form, comprehensive content outrank websites with thin content. These are also the websites which people will link to as a resource for their readers. Becoming an authority in your niche will make it easier to get guest post opportunities as many bloggers want to see the website of the person pitching a guest post. You can also join Help a Reporter Out and list yourself or your client as a resource for reporters to call on when they need a story on a particular topic.

Google uses over 200 signals to determine rank, and yes, backlinks are near the top of the list. Unfortunately, SEO routinely professionals deal with clients who have read this and demand backlinks links from authoritative websites, such as The New York Times, for their brand new website. The best backlinks are earned naturally with stellar content, but in reality, SEO is a highly competitive field. A few firms take shortcuts to get clients instead of being honest and explaining it can take six months for the client to see results. Uninformed potential clients will choose a firm which promises their site will be on the first page of Google within three months over an SEO firm that tells the client they can promise results, only that they will do the work specified in the contract. For more information click here

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