Algorithms Change the Weight of Various Components for the SERPs

Most site managers and developers are concerned with where their site ranks, and rightly so. A poor ranking means low traffic, a poor level of authority and a lack of trustworthiness on the part of people who do find the site. Once a site has been optimized for trending keywords and phrases, a developer might wonder what else needs to be done. It is true that ongoing analysis needs to take place in order to ensure that the key phrases do not become outdated. However, there is more work that can be done in order to yield an ideal SERP after SEO has been set up on the site. One developer wanted to know how much of a role the back links play in SERPs, and this question was posed to other developers. This particular website manager wanted to know if back links make up a majority of SEO. This person's particular concern was how much of a percentage back links are for the search engine algorithms. Many other experienced web designers had some input to share with the developer. An experienced coder stated that the relative value of any single part of a website is subject to change. This person recommended that the coder who asked the question not think about relative amounts or percentages too much, otherwise they would go mad or become too obsessed with tweaking things. The design, content, key phrases, user experience and quality and number of back links are all important to the SERP of a site. Another developer noted that the importance of back links varies based on the level of competition around the niche. For example, if there are few sites covering the same material, then the site can have a top SERP with keywords alone. However, a website developer should not expect this to last for eternity. When there are some or many competitors to a site, the back links become increasingly important. One developer who has been doing the work for a long time noted that in a competitive environment, quality back links could be 90 percent of a SERP. For more information click here

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