A Pro's Guide To Boosting Your Search Engine Results

As an independent search engine optimization professional, what can you do when your competitors have plenty of cash and domain authority websites with scores over 90? There was a time when a few Google keywords were enough to get you a decent spot on the search engine results page, but times have changes. When competing against SEO giants, you may feel as if your options are greatly diminished, but this is not always the case.

Here are some suggestions for possible solutions:

SEO Is Just One Channel

Digital marketing experts who worked in traditional media and eventually transitioned to the online world will tell you that search engine marketing is overrated. Email marketing, for example, is far from dead; some large enterprises, particularly those that operate in the B2B sector, have never stopped using this channel because they know that prospective clients are responsive to email solicitation. Drip campaigns tend to be very effective when they are executed correctly. If you focus solely on SEO, you will become stuck in this field and ultimately be left behind when your colleagues are moving towards full-service digital marketing.

Dominate the Long-Tail Keyword Space

Keywords by themselves only serve semantic purposes; they largely appeal to the most common denominator and ignore web searchers who write long queries. There is considerable research that shows long-tail key phrases are often used by searchers who are ready for action; this means that they are more likely to purchase something or request more information. There is a good reason some Google AdWords are far more expensive than others even though they are long phrases that may not seem very popular: The reason is that these long-tail wonders are used by people who are serious about what they are searching for.

Present Highly Realistic Plans

When you run into David vs. Goliath situations, your first step should be to conduct a gap analysis and present it to the client with actionable goals that are realistic. If this means it will take you nine months to get on the first Google SERP, be sure to mention it. In this fashion, you will not only have time to execute the plan but also gain the trust of your client. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/jxfk82/howtocompeteagainstseogiantplayers/.

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