A Local SEO Course for Business Owners and Marketers?

A person who has been doing search engine optimization (SEO) for a long time and solely focused on local SEO since 2012 posed a question to other marketing workers to see if they would be interested in taking a local SEO course. This person stated that they get a lot of questions about how to do local SEO so that a business gets placed on Google Maps. They also get questions about local SEO for first page SERPs.

This person plans to create an extensive local SEO course, but with two different pathways. One would be for marketers. The other pathway would be for the small business owners so that they could do some of this work for themselves and not have to pay an SEO marketer to do it for them. This marketer would also create a support group for local SEO so that business owners could chat with each other throughout their learning process.

The SEO marketer wants to know what the interest level is before they take the time to build the course with the two pathways. Several people wanted to know exactly what would be covered in the course before they know if they would be interested in it or not. Others noted that the course could be customized, with topics of interest included based on the people who want to take the course.

A few people had questions for the SEO marketer about to what level local SEO would be covered for small businesses. They also had questions about what would be covered in the pathway geared toward the small business owner with little to no SEO experience versus the SEO marketer who has some experience doing this type of work.

In general, there is a lot of interest in local SEO services. This type of marketing could be helpful to a business that offers services such as housecleaning, lawn care or in-home health care. It would also be useful to restaurants that offer take-out or delivery within a specific area. In addition, chains or franchise owners may have some interest in setting up SEO. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/bo30eo/anyoneinterestedintakingalocalseo_course/.

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