A List of 15 Interview Questions for an SEO Job

A person wanted to ask others about the best questions to ask an individual who is interviewing for a job in which they will focus on SEO marketing. One person provided a long list, which included:

  1. Take me on a walk through your interpretations of a few key algorithm updates and the new tools in Google's arsenal, such as the rankbrain, medic update, BERT and the most recent core updates.

  2. A high level question: How does the user experience influence SEO, if at all?

  3. What metrics do you use to in order to evaluate SEO success?

  4. How does national SEO differ from local SEO? How does it differ from YouTube SEO?

  5. How do you handle a website that has been recently impacted by an algorithmic update or a manual action that caused a drop in search engine ranking?

  6. How do you decide whether or not a back link from a particular site is worth getting?

  7. Explain in detail how you direct related disciplines, specifically graphics, content, and development with SEO.

  8. Please explain SEO to me as if I were a prospective client who has never heard of the concept.

  9. Why would a business owner invest in SEO instead of other mediums, such as paid Google or Facebook ads?

  10. How do you report on SEO results, both within the business where you work and to clients who paid you for your service?

Many people loved that list of questions, believing it to be thorough and well-informed. A few people had some additions to this list for the original poster's consideration. Those additions included:

  1. Explain what happens between when a person conducts a search and when the search engine generates the results that are displayed.

  2. When can we see the results or website ranking changes of your SEO skills

  3. How do you personally measure an SEO success?

  4. How has SEO changed in the past two (or five, or any other number) years?

  5. In your opinion, what are some of the greatest challenges facing an SEO professional today? For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/erwtyc/whatarethebestquestionstoask_somebody/.

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