A Few Reasons You Should be Using Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights from Google offers reports on how fast your website loads on mobile and desktop devices so you can see if you need to make improvements. Google uses Lighthouse, an open source tool for measuring performance, to prepare PSI reports for users, including specific suggestions on how to improve page load speed.

Users can see how quickly their mobile pages load in simulated lab conditions and in historical, anonymized conditions from opted-in individuals. The two reports can vary, however, both should indicate the pages load quickly. Webmasters have been saying Lighthouse isn't accurate and they question whether it counts the site as loaded if the content is loaded but the AdSense ads are still loading. If you're wondering if Lighthouse is accurate, you can also use WEBPAGETEST or Pingdom Website Speed Test in real time to test your website's load speed.

According to Google, once the company made page load speed a ranking factor in mobile searches, page speeds improved, giving website visitors better experiences. The results were worldwide, with sites in 95 percent of countries loading faster.

Most people will wait between three to five seconds for a site to load. Anymore than five seconds, visitors will bounce. SEO professionals know a website's bounce rate is a ranking factor so they ensure websites they work on load quickly. Online stores often load notoriously slowly. Unfortunately, visitors expect online stores to load as quickly as Amazon, a company with a massive budget for developers.

Increasing your online store's load speed by a half of a second can increase your sales by 10 percent. Unfortunately. online shops have not increased their website load speed as much as other sites. Part of the problem is Facebook and other connections as shopping gets more social. Creating personalized shopping experiences also contributes to slower load times. Sometimes, webmasters must decide if extra features are worth slower load times. For more information click here https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2019/11/search-console-speed-report.html.

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