A Few New and Good Plugins Worth Installing

In the world of search engine optimization, two things have not changed for more than a decade. First, WordPress is still one of the most SEO-friendly web publishing platforms. Second, it is somewhat difficult to decide which WP SEO plugin is better when so many of them provide great functionality.

Some SEO professionals will tell you that WP plugins are not magical tools. They will also tell you that these plugins merely provide reminders about things you should already be familiar with. Both of these statements are correct, but it is nearly impossible for SEO practitioners to remember everything that should be done to a page or to a new blog post in order to feed the Google web crawler.

With the above in mind, let's review a few SEO plugins that are worth installing in your WP projects:

The SEO Framework

While this WP plugin may seem to basic for some SEO professionals, the truth is that it presents a nice workflow and an intuitive user interface. The plugin simply makes sense, and it provides reminders that may seem trivial but are actually significant when it comes to gaining rank on the search engine results page.

Yoast SEO

There are many mixed opinions on this plugin, and many of them are based on the ideas that the free version of Yoast provides enough guidance as is, hence making the premium version an afterthought. The reality of Yoast is that premium versions are extremely focused; for example, the Yoast News premium plugin is a must for clients whose websites need to rank on Google News.


This free plugin is amazing; it seems to be geared towards fulfilling all the expectations of clients, but in reality lacks quite a few features that premium competitors provide. RankMath is great because it has a nice focus on schema and structured data, which are two SEO signals that Google certainly pays attention to.

SEO Press

One of the most expensive SEO plugins is also one of the best. With SEO Press, Google Analytics reports actually make sense, and the recommendations for fine tuning and adjustments are always on the money, which makes it worth the money you have to spend on it. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/hykhsd/letstalkseopluginswordpress/.

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