6 Questions Every SEO Expert Should Ask Before Working With A Firm

If you have an interview with a firm that wants to hire an SEO expert, you need to ask these questions to ensure you'll enjoy working there:

How much is the salary? Money is always important. Will you work for a salary or get paid hourly? If you'll work on salary, ask how many hours a week are you expected to put in each week.

Who will I work with? Ask if you'll be a part of a team with a specific job, such as keyword research, or will you do everything needed for a website.

Do I have access to other staff? With SEO, you need to consult with content writers, marketing professionals and developers. See if they are comfortable collaborating with you to ensure success for the client. SEO isn't done in a vacuum.

What Tools Do You Provide? You can't work efficiently without SEO tools. Ask about specific tools you're familiar with, such as MOZ SEO tools or Ahrefs tools, to see what they are using. If they don't have tools you find helpful, would they consider switching?

Who sells the firm's SEO services? If a salesperson sells the service, find out what the person is promising customers. The last thing you need is a client who was promised to be on the first page of Google in two months. With a new site in a highly competitive industry, that's impossible.

How does the firm punish SEO professionals who use black hat tactics? The last thing you want is to work at a place with quotas where your colleagues buy links to meet them. Some firms tactically encourage black hat techniques. You want to avoid these firms.

Being happy at your job will increase your satisfaction with life in general. It pays to ask the interviewer questions after you've answered his or her's. Finally, sit outside and watch the people going to work at the firm. Do they look reasonably happy? You can tell a lot by a day of simple observation. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/ewlb1g/havinganinterviewforanseoexpert_position/.

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