4 Tips for SEO Providers to Attract New Business Clients

SEO is a competitive field. Landing clients isn't easy. Here are a few simple ways to attract more clients and grow your business.

  1. Optimize Your Web Presence

Make sure to optimize your website, LinkedIn profile and YouTube videos to attract people looking to hire an SEO professional. Wherever someone looks, they should see you promoting your service. Publish in-depth blog posts and guides that will attract business owners wanting to know more about SEO so you can brand yourself as an authority.

  1. Choose Niche Topics

Market content about a niche topic. You could select something like local SEO for service businesses and make sure you become the authority on the topic. Create videos, infographics and podcasts about the topic, so when anyone searches for help in this area, you appear proximately in the search results. SEO is such a general term that you can have trouble competing with larger, established agencies.

  1. Create a Free E-Book

People love free resources. The e-book only has to cover the basics of your niche. Promote it on social media and any sites that let you list free e-books. Don't self promote too much; offer genuine, helpful tips. You could make the e-book into a beginner's course to attract more interest.

  1. Create a Case Study

Find a friend or relative with a website where you can work for free or at a reduced price if you can create a detailed case study. Publish the study and use it to explain to potential clients how SEO brings abut real results. Use increased leads and sales as your focus to sell the benefit to the client.

Attracting and signing clients for your SEO business is challenging. You could also pay to advertise, but we've tried to show you low-cost methods that involve work, but not much money. For more information click here https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/n2zbwl/landingmyfirstseoclient/.

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