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Your brand is everything. It defines you in the eyes of the public. A significant element in shaping and maintaining it is building and sustaining a good reputation. Gossip, slander, and falsehood can erupt online at any moment. Corporate entities, no matter how small, are always vulnerable to being targeted by dedicated activists who just happen to have their facts wrong or cyber trolls who seek to smear companies out of spite. Regardless of how the unfounded rumours about your company got started, you must work diligently to squash them and to set the record straight. You cannot allow such stories to circulate, or they will lead to the ruin of your reputation and brand. The best way to handle a crisis of this kind is to enlist the help of online reputation management professionals. 180fusion is one of the best reputation management agencies in the business. The firm has recently won an award for its work in the field, and it can help you maintain the integrity of your brand.