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Edelman is a mid-sized, full-service public relations firm specializing in brand creation and management as well as copywriting and targeted marketing. It draws from a large roster of some of the country's most talented marketing experts, leveraging its considerable expertise to put to work for businesses by enhancing their brand, extending their reach and crafting messages that engage their target audience, creating, rather than just customers, a community of patrons. The firm offers services in the areas of search engine optimization, brand management, advertising strategy and just about any other marketing-related area. You won't have to go running around once you hire Edelman. They can handle your entire marketing project, from ideation to final conversion at point of sale. Still, one of the most crucial areas in which the firm specializes, an area often times overlooked and underestimated, is crafting engaging communications that turn a business' brand and products into more than just consumable items, they become an experience with meaning. This is not empty rhetoric. The difference between a company like Apple and one like IBM is precisely how their customers view the respective products. With the latter, it's as utilitarian business machines. In the case of the former, it's as a rite of passage, a bettering of one's life, even a spiritual transformation. This is what every business should seek to accomplish with its branding. Edelman can help average businesses do that in ways that were never before possible. Through targeted marketing and sophisticated use of modern platforms, your business can become as vital to your customers as Apple is to theirs.