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ClickX is an all-in-one software solution that automates most functions that traditional search engine optimization firms normally do and a whole lot more. ClickX started as an internet marketing, search engine optimization and web branding company, so the software has been designed from the ground up by people who really know their stuff. The field broadly referred to as search engine optimization can include a wide variety of subdisciplines, depending on who you ask. Some of these include social media presence management, email marketing, keyword research and optimization and even web design. ClickX provides a rich suite of analytics that addresses all of those areas as well as many other crucial metrics by which to measure, analyze and enhance your business’ online presence. ClickX is one of the only software solutions on the market to successfully integrate so many niche-specific, brand-enhancing features. Just one example is the ClickX local listings feature. This aspect of the software can help business owners create and manage local listings, such as Google and Bing maps as well as other listing services, such as, with just a few inputs. It also provides powerful online review generation and filtering mechanisms that allow your company to be reflected only in the most positive light. Simply put, there is no other platform exactly like ClickX. It combines all of the best aspects of a full-service SEO firm with the phenomenally low cost of an off-the-shelf software solution. If you haven't yet tried ClickX, you really owe it to your business to give it a go.