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Ymarketing is a digital marketing company that operates out of its headquarters in Newport Beach, California. They are capable of handling a much wider range of marketing campaigns than many of today's digital marketing companies because the ymarketing team includes specialists in areas outside of Internet technology and marketing. Some of ymarketing's unique abilities include budget and billing management, traditional media communication and strategy, and scientific testing and measurement. By combining those skills with the more typical digital marketing services like app development, platform integration, social media marketing, and customer relationship management, ymarketing is able to reach new markets for their clients that many smaller digital marketing companies cannot. Ryan Lash, the Chief Executive Officer at ymarketing, founded the company in 2002 shortly after graduating with a degree in entrepreneurship from the Marshall School of Business. He believes that the work environment at ymarketing is a vital part to the success of the company, and to the success that the company can create for its clients. When hiring employees for ymarketing, he looks for workers who are smart, driven, authentic, caring, and capable and committed to working in a family-like environment. His strategy of hiring has proven effective as many of the company's top executives have reached their position by being promoted from within. Ymarketing is also a big advocate for corporate responsibility, and backs up that stance by supporting many of the local businesses, charities, and communities in the Newport Beach area.