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Service Screenshot from is a broad-capability online reputation management firm that specializes in optimizing the media presence and reputation of companies. The firm has successfully worked for some of the largest names in global industry. BMW, Enterprise Car Rental, McDonald's and Hertz are just a small sampling of’s extensive client list. The company provides a crucial service to businesses. It manages public perception, how customers fundamentally view the client's brand and online image. In an increasingly internet-based economy, such services are more imperative than ever. specializes in the use of a number of proven tools for managing and enhancing their clients' online reputations. These include customer surveys, online reviews, business listings and reporting and analytics. It also includes bespoke programs that can dramatically enhance a company's online profile by leveraging's expertise and formidable tool set. Although the company is quite large by internet consulting firm standards, it prides itself on delivering a totally personalized and organization-specific approach to all its clients. Every client is assigned a case manager who oversees the entirety of the project, from ideation to completion. meets with the client one on one, listening carefully to their goals and drawing up a tailored plan most likely to meet the specific needs of the organization. A quick look at the firm's past projects gives an idea of the power that reputation management has. Customers have successfully boosted sales by huge percentages. And has advanced analytics to track all results, so customers can see their brand's progress, even while it’s being made.