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Meltwater is an experienced communications firm that specializes in media coverage analysis. The staff of Meltwater assesses how a company is covered and perceived by the media. Their efforts can help companies to revamp or completely change their communications strategies in a way that helps to achieve positive attention and boost their digital and media reputations. One of the most popular services provided by the team at Meltwater is media coverage monitoring. A client can log into Meltwater's proprietary software system and check how many new mentions they received online within the past 24 hours or another time frame. This information provides a company with updates on whether it has become a trending topic in online conversations. Another key service delivered by the staff of Meltwater is analysis of types of media coverage. Meltwater can figure out how a company's name is used and attach different levels of importance to each type of message. They are able to distribute information on behalf of a company, which helps to get positive mentions in various digital outlets. When a client desires to engage with the media or public, Meltwater takes the time to start meaningful conversations. They do this through posts on social media and blogs. The Meltwater team works to build conversations that help to promote a client's interests and bottom line. The culture at Meltwater is one of partnership and teamwork, and they take the time to get to know each client's specific needs in order to deliver customized services.