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Marketing Maven is a leading digital marketing firm that takes pride in over-delivering and under-promising services to its customers. This means that customers get much more than what they expect from the professionals at Marketing Maven. Their marketing services include influencer marketing. When a business has a product that it wants to get into the hands of a target audience, Marketing Maven can get that product into the hands of influencers. People of influence are those who have a lot of sway in the digital world, such as bloggers who have an audience of thousands of unique visitors on a daily basis. The staff of Marketing Maven also handles social media marketing. They help businesses to promote their products and services through social media. By posting videos and product teasers on social media, Marketing Maven generates buzz around the product. Marketing Maven can tout the advantages of a product or service or offer tutorials on how to make the best use of the product. Their social media marketing also includes consumer engagement and sharing "best of" types of stories about a client's brands. Marketing Maven also takes care of a client's needs for public relations. They write, edit and distribute press releases. Their staff offers investor and employee communications services and crisis response services for clients. If a client is planning a special event, Marketing Maven takes care of the publicity and is able to provide live coverage of the event as it takes place.