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Located in downtown San Francisco, California, Level343 is an international marketing and search engine optimization copywriting company. They create marketing solutions for their clients through a wide variety of services that are focused on growing businesses through organic search and social marketing tools. Level343 has clients in six countries, which is a direct effect of having a team of employees that are fluent in a total of thirteen different languages. Much of their work begins with an in-depth search engine optimization audit. This allows Level343 to create a strategical plan designed based on the specific needs of each individual client they represent. Some of their notable clients include RedBooks, TMR Direct, ZipShip, Liberty Travel, EROS Media, Renova Restore Health, and Global Gold and Silver. After more than twenty years of working in marketing and content strategies, President Gabriella Sannino founded Level343 to bring new ideas and strategies to the Internet marketing industry. Her vast experience in marketing taught her that success for a marketing company begins at hiring the right people. This belief has led to Sannino hiring people who have a large amount of experience in Internet marketing and strategies in addition to a variety of other skills, such as being bi-lingual or highly educated in human behavior. Unlike many search engine optimization companies, Level343 is capable of producing blog content and copywriting materials through their own team of professionals, rather than using a third party to produce the material.