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LA Fresh is a search engine optimization agency located in Los Angeles that focuses solely on SEO services. Many other digital agencies attempt to offer multiple digital marketing services spread over several arenas, but that often causes each individual service to be limited in scope. LA Fresh wanted to subvert that issue by only offering comprehensive SEO services, and their services are so in-depth that they can be further broken down into several subcategories. They provide organic SEO that uses targeted keywords and competition analyses to determine the best course of action, and they offer local SEO services that include local listing optimization and local directory submissions. Lastly, they offer specialized SEO services that relate to social media marketing, paid advertising, and consultations. The goal of LA Fresh is to help their clients target more leads so they can increase conversions and boost revenues to their max. When brands work with LA Fresh, it is like they are hiring an entirely new member for their team. They don't think of their customers as clients, but more as business partners that work together to build the best possible outcome for the brand. They will learn as much as they can about their partners and their brands in order to craft campaigns that are maximally efficient. LA Fresh doesn't stop until their clients have been featured on the first page of search engine results, and they have more than enough talent and skill to perform that very task in an affordable and timely manner. Their SEO services are simplified yet highly honed into what constitutes the most effective methods available on the market today.