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Jigsaw works with each client to see where the current strategy is lacking. They combine this information with a market analysis before tailoring a plan for expansion and growth. They measure the progress each client makes and adapt their services to fill any gaps so that the client gets maximized conversions and profits. They help increase traffic with organic content that is displayed on social media pages and blogs. They add the client information to directories and business contact pages to boost the image and increase the reputation of the agency. Jigsaw is considered a leading search engine optimization firm because they customize their services to reach the goals each client has for their business. They combine their knowledge in graphic arts, social media management, and search engine optimization into a service that meets the needs of every client regardless of size, market, competition, or profit. For more than 14 years, Jigsaw has used their talents to define market strategies. The skilled staff has used a creative approach to content management and writing for social media to keep data from being dry and boring. Jigsaw concentrates their efforts in the San Francisco Bay region. By working in one area, the company amasses expert knowledge of the local area and markets. Using that information, they guide clients in the best direction for success. They also help them network with the hundreds of agencies they have connected with over the years to help establish credibility from the very beginning of the campaign.