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Ipsum Total Marketing is an SEO company based out of San Francisco, California. Over 2,000 clients have worked with this company that has been in the digital marketing business since 2005. This company can begin their SEO services by first technically auditing the website. There are issues, ranging from small to large, that can greatly impact the ranking potential of a website in search engines. However, this audit can detect any potential issues including broken links, incorrect anchor text and many other potential problems. In addition, Ipsum Total Marketing will provide clients with unlimited keyword suggestions. Keyword research can be an invaluable tool for many marketing campaigns. Clients will always have an idea of where to take their keyword strategy next with this service. Another important part of SEO has become social media. Creating social media pages can have an effect on how a business ranks in search engines. In many cases, social media pages have been known to rank very well due to their domain authority. Paid advertising is certainly a viable part of any marketing strategy. Ipsum Total Marketing can provide strategic insights into any PPC campaign. These insights will help to create an actionable strategy for your business to follow. A potential client will likely enjoy the many services and insights that Ipsum Total Marketing can provide.