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iLawyer Marketing works with legal firms and attorneys that are just getting started with marketing on the Internet or business in general. They are also excellent with existing companies that need some help to rebrand their image to revitalize the company and get it going again. iLawyer Marketing has worked with large and small legal firms, so they have experience with all kinds of markets and situations. They know how to market on local levels with specific geographic terms and a knowledge of the area as well as promoting clients in the global marketplace to attract International clients. iLawyer Marketing is known for not backing down from a problem. They discover issues through search audits and other investigations and take the information about the situation and turn it into a positive. They work with the client to improve the image of the business. iLawyer Marketing uses social media to reach out to people who are looking for legal assistance. They post stories, specials, discounts, and case studies to get people to share the business information in hopes of finding more clients. They track the data with analytical software and programs that give them an overview of SEO ranks, link performance, and email replies. iLawyer Marketing helps create a lasting brand that people trust with their legal matters. They spend the time to learn about the mission of the attorney so they can convey that to the client in a unique manner, so they remember the lawyer when they need help.