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Digital reach understands the value of digital marketing for brands of all sizes, and they have a deep commitment to helping their clients through data attribution for business-to-business keywords, customer action tracking via the sales pipeline, and comprehensive clarity that translates into a massive return on investment. They have the ability to build a map of the buying process, which starts with generating raw and unfiltered leads while also working to help with qualified leads in both marketing and sales. Several of the hallmarks of the Digital Reach service structure are transparency and tracking, both of which are vital to success in the modern market. In 2011, Digital Reach got its start when the founders realized that most digital marketing agencies didn't have the skills to provide actionable, tangible results. Many of the subpar agencies were forcing their clients into situations that were only friendly to the end consumer, not the brand itself, so the creators of Digital Reach sought to change that by building a system that would operate for the direct needs of the client. Digital Reach promises never to do any of the most common industry practices that favor the end consumer, such as restricting access to information or holding accounts frozen while third-party negotiations take place. The team at Digital Reach is made up of many veterans of the digital marketing field, and they have more than enough experience to provide an end-consumer experience that is in balance with the needs of the brands they serve.