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180fusion is a digital marketing company with headquarters in California. This company provides a wide range of services including pay per click campaign management, social media marketing, and both national and local SEO services. 180fusion takes a special approach to pay per click campaigns. This company will provide account setup, keyword research, the creation of ads, and tracking duties for each PPC campaign. Many companies find paid advertising to be a very valuable advertising method. Social media is an important part of establishing an online presence. 180fusion has specialized tools that comb through social media to find out what is being talked about. These extremely valuable insights into social media can give a client a leg up on the competition. The national SEO services offered by 180fusion can work well for many businesses. These services will help to ensure that a client has a well-designed and optimized website. In turn, an optimized website will likely strongly outperform websites that are not optimized. Sometimes, clients may want to take a more local approach to their rankings. 180fusion can easily setup a local SEO campaign to target visitors in nearby locations. This company can begin to create local directory listings that are filled with relevant business information. There are instances where it is common for local directory pages to rank very well for local search terms.