10 Best Social Media Marketing Agencies

Last Updated October 05, 2017

Companies are usually seen in some way on social media. A leading SMM business can assist companies by adding phrases and links that attract the attention of viewers while discovering unique ways for the company to stand out on social media. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

#1 of 10 Leading SMM CompaniesStraight North

211 W Upper Wacker Dr, #1800, Chicago, IL 60606- +1 (844) 218-6011

#1 of 10 Best SMM Companies of 2017 - Once you realize that obtaining exceptional social media optimization (SMO) services can keep your organization on the road to growth in the online sector, it's time to find the right community of digital marketing experts to build your brand. The experts to trust are those of Straight North. This company's techies are passionate about making businesses successful by improving their ability to communicate with target audience members in the digital sector. The professionals of Straight North know that helping the client connect with members of the target audience on channels like Facebook and Twitter is a great way to generate brand intrigue, encourage conversion, and metabolize the relationship-building process that will lead to company growth. Choose Straight North now to start moving your company forward in a big way.

#2 of 10 Best SMM FirmsIgnite Visibility

5060 Shoreham Place, #260, San Diego, CA 92122- +1 (619) 752-1955

#2 of 10 Leading SMM Firms of 2017 - Ignite Visibility is a marketing firm located in San Diego, and they have been recognized for excellence in Social Media Marketing (SMM). SMM makes use of websites like Twitter and Facebook to promote businesses and services. Strong SMM is necessary to raise your site's rankings in search engines, and Ignite Visibility also offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The team at Ignite Visibility can design a site from the ground up, or they can analyze your site's SEO keywords and conversion rates. They can definitely find ways to grow your customer base, and they have a wide variety of marketing options.

#3 of 10 Top SMM AgenciesSocialFix

1140 Avenue of Americas, #9th Floor, New York, New York 10017- +1 (888) 434-1411

#3 of 10 Leading SMM Businesses of 2017 - SocialFix understands the nuances of today's social media platforms. What works on a given platform might not work well on a similar platform for marketing. When companies engage in social media marketing, they expect results. Fortunately, SocialFix can help clients achieve excellent results on their chosen platform, or platforms. A dedicated team fuels the efforts at SocialFix today. Each client can expect the firm to craft a precision marketing campaign for a given social media platform. From there, they'll see unparalleled results. Companies need to market themselves on social media, and more companies continue to realize this fact. It's important to rely upon SocialFix because not all companies excel at online marketing.

#4 of 10 Leading SMM FirmsSEO Image

115 East 57th Street, #11, New York, NY 10022- +1 (212) 845-9900

#4 of 10 Best SMM Businesses of 2017 - People who want to make their brands increasingly impressive in the digital sector need to connect with the marketing professionals of SEO Image. The social media optimization (SMO) representatives of the firm are serious and sedulous in their approach to the ecommerce process. This is why they are known for generating substantive results in the form of things like more brand intrigue, optimized visibility, enhanced conversion rates, and product loyalty. The techies are skilled in building the client's brand on multiple social channels, some of which may include Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, and Instagram. For exceptionally effective SMO services from people who are dedicated to your brand's success, choose SEO Image.

#5 of 10 Best SMM BusinessesWebpageFX

1705 N Front St, #, Harrisburg, PA 17102- +1 (215) 839-6033

#5 of 10 Top SMM Agencies of 2017 - WebpageFX is an acclaimed social media marketing agency with a vast portfolio of success. Their landing page is a clear display of their professionalism in digital marketing. One of their greatest services is lead generation. The staff at WebpageFX are social media experts who know how to increase the efficiency of an SMM campaign. In addition to their SMM proficiency, WepbageFX offers an impressive range of SEO and creative services. With a results driven approach, WebpageFX is a social media marketing agency with a full range of features to grow your brand.

#6 of 10 Top SMM FirmsBlue Hat Marketing

901 King St W, #400, Toronto, Ontario 0- +1 (866) 755-2583

#6 of 10 Leading SMM Businesses of 2017 - Founded in 2001, Canada-based BlueHat Marketing provides a plethora of digital marketing services meant to illuminate the visibility of clients on the Internet. Such services include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media management, and web design and development. BlueHat Marketing also offers a hybrid solution that combines SEO and PPC to fully maximize online visibility and profitability. BlueHat’s clientele has included Priority Plumbing, Excel Funds, Yellow Goat Design, and Tribecca Finance. The company has been highlighted by industry experts such as TopSEOs, which once ranked it #1 in SEO Services, PPC Services, and Web Design Services.

#7 of 10 Best SMM FirmsIgnite Digital

1732 1st Ave, #, New York, NY 10128- +1 (800) 831-6998

#7 of 10 Top SMM Companies of 2017 - When Ignite Digital was founded back in 2008, they had a singular goal in mind. They wanted to build a system that would work to jumpstart the success of their clients, and they have become exceedingly results-driven in their tenure. They love being able to see their clients succeed thanks to their efforts, and they provide many of the most sought-after digital marketing services available anywhere. Social media marketing is just one small part of what they do at Ignite Digital, but they certainly do it well. They can use social media to drastically improve both the visibility and reputation of any brand.

#8 of 10 Top SMM CompaniesNorthcutt

5106 N. Lincoln Ave., #2S, Chicago, IL 60625- +1 (312) 292-9791

#8 of 10 Top SMM Companies of 2017 - Proudly winning awards for their exceptional work in the field of online marketing, specifically for SMM, Northcutt is a social media marketing firm based in Chicago. Their social media strategists not only keep track of brand mentions, but they search the Internet and utilize social media tools to adequately listen for major phrases that may benefit a client's company. They can also use their social media skills to get their clients future traffic and help grow their brand.

#9 of 10 Best SMM AgenciesVictorious SEO

995 Market St., #2, San Francisco, CA 94103- +1 (415) 621-9830

#9 of 10 Best SMM Agencies of 2017 - Victorious SEO is a social media marketing agency that is based out of San Francisco. Clients working with Victorious SEO will have their social channel linked to their respective websites. This agency will post engaging content that encourages followers to like and share client's posts. In many cases, the content will have come from the client's website which helps to boost web traffic. Victorious SEO is able to combine SEO and social media marketing services to provide clients with multiple ways to reach their audience.

#10 of 10 Best SMM BusinessesSearchBloom

2160 East 4500 South, #4, Holladay, UT 84117- +1 (801) 590-4051

#10 of 10 Top SMM Companies of 2017 - More and more business owners are realizing that interfacing with members of their target audience through channels like Twitter and Facebook can add a spontaneous, casual element to the marketing campaign. The end result is that the brand attains a fun and personal online image while also ensuring that the business owner develops a cutting edge identity by remaining connected to the client through social media. The professionals of SearchBloom understand all of this, and that's why they focus on generating brand growth through key social channels like Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram. This marketing team is also effective in offering clients detailed reports regarding the results generated by the social media optimization (SMO) campaign. For exceptional results in the digital sector, choose SearchBloom.

Special Recognitions

#11 Top Social Media Marketing CompanySEO Inc

Carlsbad, California

SEO Inc. is both a social media marketing agency and a search engine optimization agency, and it utilizes these two distinct aspects of digital marketing to deliver a unique marketing experience to its clients. Although SEO Inc.'s known for working in a variety of digital marketing areas, one of their greatest strengths lies in the way they work with social media platforms to promote the interests of their clients. Social media is quickly becoming an important tool for corporate outreach and digital branding, and it's exactly for these reasons that SEO Inc. has spent so much time perfecting their strategies.

#12 Leading SMM AgencyOcean19

Chicago, Illinois

Winning awards for their exceptional social media marketing work, Ocean19 strives to aid their clients in conveying their message or brand effectively through their website. When they take on a client's social media strategy, they will ensure they're kept up to date on the latest platforms, tools and cutting-edge strategy trends. This firm understands publishing content on a client's website isn't the complete step. They know they have to help push a client's content on their social media platforms constantly to maximize their reach.

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