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Sofist is a revered consultancy specializing in professional testing services for companies across a range of industries in Brazil. At the core of the company is an unwavering commitment to quality assurance and the provision of enterprises with insight and support to help them scale their digital transformation initiatives. Since their establishment in 2008, the team at Sofist have made it their mission to identify and prevent issues that could impede the user's experience by enhancing the software development lifecycle. Sofist understands the stakes of online businesses, and their vast test portfolio and dedicated specialists have enabled them to earn the title of “Leading Expert Consultancy in Continuous Testing” by ISG (isg-one.com). The company's name has graced the marquees and records of many of Brazil's most esteemed enterprises, such as Yummly, Localiza, Sinch, Riachuelo, Hotmart, Mercado Bitcoin, Grupo Boticário and HypeFlame. Leveraging their decades of expertise and extensive network of resources, Sofist has helped each of these corporations in their respective endeavors. Going forward, Sofist continues to expand their outreach and will continue to provide the quality of service paramount to their status as a leading consultancy.