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The large and growing marketplace known as the internet provides businesses with unprecedented opportunities. At the same time, the internet is also a highly competitive environment, and businesses that aspire to long-term success need to carefully manage their online reputations. The good news is, the experts at the online reputation management firm called Capstrat make it their priority to manage and improve the online reputations of businesses. Capstrat is capable of protecting online business reputations in a number of different ways. This online protection begins with reputation monitoring teams that keep a close eye on day-to-day business reputation fluctuations. If any issues are found, Capstrat swings into action with a suite of reputation and content management tools. The experts at Capstrat can help online businesses to remove negative search results, mitigate the appearance of negative online content, and even suppress the appearance of unflattering search results. With financial losses due to poor online business reputations estimated to be in the billions of dollars per year, online businesses that are serious about their long-term success can benefit from the consistent protection that Capstrat provides.