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Front Porch Solutions is an SEO agency which has a focus on building the brand of its clients. While primarily being an SEO agency, the company also offers other services such as web development and various different forms of marketing services. Front Porch Solutions' SEO services are focused on finding and implementing the right keywords to market a client's website. The company also offers copywriting services as well as link building. The firm's web development services focus on both providing dynamic content as well as custom website applications to make the management of the website easier. The company also has experience in creating e-commerce websites. Front Porch Solutions offers an ongoing website maintenance package for clients that wish to have an ongoing maintenance relationship with the company. The company's marketing services include email marketing campaigns, pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing. The company's main focus with these services is to provide a good number of leads to a client's website and improve the efficiency of their marketing campaigns.