10 Best SEO PR Agencies August 2014

PR is about a lot more than just advertising your products or services in a way that reflects positively on your business. It's also important to present an amazing image when it comes to how you treat your employees, manage environmental impact and give back to the local community. A top SEO PR agency will have the skills to both generate positive buzz surrounding your business and ensure that only positive information can be found in the top search-engine results. Every high-quality company you’ll discover on this list is capable of doing that in a timely and effective manner. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

#1 of 10 Top SEO PR FirmsDigital Current

Mesa, Arizona

#1 of 10 Leading PR Businesses of 2014 - Digital Current combines two of the most necessary disciplines for success in today's world: SEO and PR. Search engine optimization is a type of PR; however, the public relations outside of the technological discipline of SEO are necessary to accentuate the usefulness of SEO. Digital Current is one of the only comprehensive search engine optimization and public relations companies that understand how to play these two disciplines on each other in order to create a more effective overall marketing strategy. Give us a call when you are ready to take your online marketing program to the next level.

#2 of 10 Best SEO PR FirmsCustomer Magnetism

Virginia Beach, Virginia

#2 of 10 Best PR Companies of 2014 - Customer Magnetism has stepped into the digital marketing age in order to get your company to the top of the search engine list. It takes the time to create online strategies that will keep your company unique while making it one of the companies that customers want to look for when online. The company will meet with you about everything from conversions to lead generation so that you get hits from customers who may not have know your business existed.

#3 of 10 Best PR BusinessesWebpageFX

Washington, D.C.

#3 of 10 Top PR Firms of 2014 - WebpageFX combines the best of the world of search engine optimization and public relations into a single marketing partnership. If you are looking to brand your company through a consistent search engine optimization effort, then we have the technological expertise you need to translate strategy into results. Our dedicated experts will align your company with the appropriate resources that will engender trust with the major search engines. We will create a localized campaign for you that will drive directly in your target market while improving your return on investment.

#4 of 10 Leading PR BusinessesMotion PR

Chicago, Illinois

#4 of 10 Top PR Agencies of 2014 - Motion PR gives clients more search engine optimization bang for the buck. As a part of an online marketing campaign that includes social media marketing, banner ads and other advertising, your search engine optimization is essential as a grounding cable for the rest of your efforts. Public relations is very important online as well. You can rank at the top of Google for a negative listing that will drive people away from your business. We combine PR and SEO to bring you the best of both worlds: high visibility as well as a strong company brand for your audience.

#5 of 10 Best SEO PR AgenciesBrooks PR

New York, New York

#5 of 10 Leading SEO Public Relations Companies of 2014 - The modern public relations environment includes search engine optimization as well as off-line marketing techniques. Brooks PR is your go to company for a strategy that includes both of these disciplines. Whether you are looking to optimize your website for a short-term sale or for a long-term campaign, we have the ability to create a consistent brand for your company online. We will optimize your website for search engines as well as for human visitors.

#6 of 10 Leading SEO PR FirmsLandis Communications Inc

San Francisco, California

#6 of 10 Best Search Engine Optimization PR Companies of 2014 - Landis Communications Inc is a dual search engine optimization and public relations company that has been offering its clients a maximization of online visibility without compromising the company brand. Your brand is in danger every time you put yourself in front of an audience online - competitors as well as outside malicious hackers want to take you down simply because you are there. There is also the danger of negative customer reviews to worry about - if the first thing that a customer sees on Google is a negative review of you, you have just lost a customer. Landis Communications Inc is the company that can help you through this minefield.

#7 of 10 Top Search Engine Optimization PR CompaniesBuchanan Public Relations

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

#7 of 10 Best Search Engine Optimization PR Companies of 2014 - Buchanan Public Relations is a public relations company with a twist: We also take the concept of search engine optimization very seriously. We realize that there is no better place to start a PR campaign than online, and there is no more important component in online marketing than search engine optimization. We will use our expertise in order to ensure that you maximize your visibility without compromising the vision of your company brand. We will build your reputation through smart links, good keyword choices and flexible strategies that will avoid the pitfalls of algorithm changes such as Google Panda and Google Penguin.

#8 of 10 Top SEO Public Relations AgenciesSage Frog

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

#8 of 10 Leading SEO PR Firms of 2014 - Sage Frog is one of the top performing search engine optimization and public relations positions online. Years of experience that we have had on behalf of many industries will serve you well as we modify your long tail keyword strategy and link building strategy to adapt to an ever-changing online business environment. We will also make sure that your reputation is protected online from competition as well as hackers. Our public relations department will ensure that you are branding your company online in a positive way as you increase your short-term visibility.

#9 of 10 Leading Search Engine Optimization PR CompaniesMelrose PR

Santa Monica, California

#9 of 10 Leading PR Agencies of 2014 - Melrose PR combines the two related disciplines search engine optimization and public relations in order to create the most effective online marketing strategy for clients. We are a top performer when it comes to getting our clients on the front page of Google because of our dedication to learning the ever changing system. There are no changes that we will not be aware of. We pride ourselves on taking out problems in an aggressive way. We will be sure that you get the best and most consistent SEO service that is available on the market.

#10 of 10 Best PR CompaniesMarketing Maven

Los Angeles, California

#10 of 10 Best SEO PR Businesses of 2014 - Getting a dual SEO PR campaign from the dedicated experts at Marketing Maven will give you the best ROI for your marketing dollar. Public relations are nothing without the proper SEO, and SEO is bad for your business if you do not have brand protection along with increased notoriety. We know how to get your name in front of customers online in a positive way, with the key word being "positive." We do not have to dilute your brand with bad links or shady techniques in order to increase your ranking. Call us today if you are ready to dart ahead of your competition.

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