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SEO Brand is a dedicated digital marketing agency that has been committed to helping businesses build their online presence since 2006. Based in Boca Raton, the company has a team of knowledgeable and experienced employees who specialize in search engine optimization, pay-per-click, content development, on-site optimization, mobile optimization, and more. SEO Brand's clients range from small start-ups to large enterprises from many industries worldwide. The company has experience with businesses from the automotive, business services, consumer products, manufacturing, and medical industries. They are also an authorized Amazon Advertising agency that can help connect their clients to potential business opportunities. The company provides an innovative approach to understanding their client's needs, with a wide range of insights and strategies to drive traffic to their webpages. With over 55 years of combined experience in the digital marketing space, SEO Brand has consistently demonstrated success in driving traffic, generating sales, and expanding brands. They also prioritize customer satisfaction by removing any long-term contracts and retaining 88% of their customers.