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Founded in 2004, BOWEN is a world-leading technology company that helps businesses of all sizes take their online presence to the next level. Located in Mineola, BOWEN employs 10 extremely talented and experienced members who specialize in a variety of service lines including web design, web development, marketing strategy, branding, digital strategy, search engine optimization, and UX/UI design. Working with both midmarket, enterprise, and small business clients, as well as focusing on a range of industries, BOWEN tailors their services to fit their clients’ exact needs and priorities. Whether it’s working with React Native, WordPress, or other frameworks and CMS, BOWEN’s high-end solutions are used to offer their clients top-notch web design and digital marketing. What’s more, BOWEN has earned multiple accolades from the likes of corporate web design, small business, real estate, restaurant, pharmaceutical, social media marketing, law firm, medical, and pharmaceutical. With a combined expertise of artistry and strategy, BOWEN continues to provide companies with unparalleled value and satisfying results. Some of their notable clients include Yokohama Tire, PVH, NerfPet, Optimum, and Smashburger.