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NKP Medical is a formidable force in the medical industry. Founded 0, their ambition and drive has enabled them to rapidly expand across the many fields of medical expertise. They have grown to employ 10 people and established their headquarters in Los Angeles. What makes NKP Medical unique is the company’s commitment to driving incredible online results. This approach is at the heart of their service lines, which includes Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design and Web Development, in addition to their industry focus on Medical. With such comprehensive offerings, and their commitment to delivering results, it is not surprising that NKP Medical already has clients all over the world, across five of the seven continents, and has been awarded multiple rankings, in Medical and Pharmaceutical categories by industry insiders. NKP Medical holds fast to their promise to listen to their clients’ needs from day one and to provide ample opportunities for growth and success. With such an impressive background and track record, it is no wonder that NKP Medical is highly regarded as the leader in their industry.