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Manta is an online resource dedicated to helping small business owners succeed. Founded in 1997, their headquarters are based in Lehi. With 250 employees, they provide a broad array of digital products and services to their client base of small and midmarket businesses, as well as larger enterprises. Their service lines include search engine optimization (80%), other digital marketing (10%), and web design (10%) services, while their client focus is primarily on small businesses (65%), midmarket businesses (30%), and larger enterprises (5%). In terms of industry focus, Manta excels in dental (15%), medical (15%), business services (10%), financial services (10%), legal services (10%), real estate (10%), retail (10%), and eCommerce (10%) services. Manta has vast experience in helping small businesses become more competitive in their respective industries with their easy to understand products, services, and educational opportunities. By claiming and customizing their profile page, Manta can assist small business owners with improving their online visibility and marketability. They have been helping business owners succeed online for more than 20 years. If you're interested in learning more about Manta's services, you can reach out to their product expert team at 888-260-4034.