10 Best Law Office SEO Firms

Last Updated November 01, 2018

A top law firm SEO firm will examine what is placed on the websites of other offices to determine the best links and keywords that should be used for the client. Top firms will develop a relationship with the law office to find out more about the services that are offered and what the client can expect from the attorneys and staff. The companies below have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics. In some cases, variable listing fees effect position on this list; however only highly-regarded firms are accepted through our review analysis. Learn more about our ranking process here.

Top Law Firm SEO Businesses of 2018
Rank Name Website Location Hourly Rate Rating Employees Learn More

Boostability boostability.com Lehi $$ 97% 250+

Ignite Visibility ignitevisibility.com San Diego $$$ 97% 50-250

Black Fin goblackfin.com Redding $$$$ 97% 1-10
4 Radix Law Firm SEO lawfirmseoco.com Fort Collins $$$ 97% 10-50
5 PaperStreet paperstreet.com Fort Lauderdale $$$$ 93% 10-50
6 Comrade comradeweb.com Chicago $$$$ 90% 10-50
7 SEO Law Firm seolawfirm.com Tampa $$$$ 89% 1-10
8 Amicus Creative Media amicuscreative.com New York City $$ 85% 1-10
9 iLawyer Marketing ilawyermarketing.com San Diego $$$$ 85% 10-50
10 JurisPage jurispage.com New York City $$ 85% 10-50

#1 of 10 Best Law Firm SEO FirmsBoostability

2600 W Executive Parkway, #200, Lehi, UT 84043 - +1 (800) 261-1537

#1 of 10 Best Law Firm SEO Companies of 2018 - The legal industry is competitive and challenging. Few people realize how tough it can be to find new customers in the industry. When a potential customer has a legal question, the first step is to look online for legal answers. Law firms need to show up in the search results to have a chance at gaining new clients. Boostability is a company that specializes in helping legal companies with this process. Anyone who wants to gain new clients should start working on a plan today with Boostability. The team at Boostability makes the process engaging and effective for business owners in the legal field.

#2 of 10 Top Law Firm SEO BusinessesIgnite Visibility

5060 Shoreham Place, #260, San Diego, CA 92122 - +1 (619) 752-1955

#2 of 10 Top Law Firm SEO Firms of 2018 - Like most lawyers, you're super busy and don't always have the time or resources to devote to internet marketing. And even if you have a digital marketer in-house, she may need help keeping up with all the changing SEO strategies. That's where Ignite Visibility can help. Ignite Visibility is the #1 SEO company in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. In fact, the company's work has been featured in several major publications, including Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur. Ignite Visibility can get you results. On average, it's helped clients increase traffic over 100 percent and improve sales by 250 percent. For more information about Ignite Visibilities' SEO services, go to https://ignitevisibility.com

#3 of 10 Top Law Firm SEO CompaniesBlack Fin

Redding, California

#3 of 10 Best Law Firm SEO Companies of 2018 - Black Fin, an SEO firm specializing in assisting law firm clients, consistently gets their clients a coveted place on page one of Google's search results. While the SEO firm also offers PPC management and web design services, they employ a team that exclusively handles SEO. Clients of Black Fin can take advantage of the firms up-to-date SEO tactics which never violate search engine guidelines. The legal SEO firm does not outsource any work, nor do they accept clients in any other industry.

#4 of 10 Best Law Firm SEO FirmsRadix Law Firm SEO

Fort Collins, Colorado

#4 of 10 Best Law Firm SEO Firms of 2018 - Radix Law Firm is a company that focuses on legal issues and uses a modernized approach to do so. The main goal of this company is to make sure their method of approaching the legal situations are effective, modern, and tangible. The experts at Radix Law Firm remain up to date with current search engine trends so that they can implement the most effective digital strategies for law firms. Since Google has a tendency to update its algorithm on a frequent basis, the experts at Radix Law Firm also make sure that their methods are modern.

#5 of 10 Best Law Firm SEO AgenciesPaperStreet

Fort Lauderdale, Florida - +1 (954) 523-2181

#5 of 10 Top Law Firm SEO Firms of 2018 - Some legal business owners struggle with advertising. Operating a legal company comes with a unique set of challenges. Few people understand how to find new clients. PaperStreet is a legal SEO firm that can help anyone who wants to boost sales through online marketing. The company firmly believes that legal firms can maximize sales by focusing on improving SEO functions on a website. Although SEO is a little complex for some people, the team at PaperStreet has years of experience working on SEO projects. With hundreds of SEO companies to choose from, it can be challenging to pick a business. PaperStreet is the right choice for many people in the legal field.

#6 of 10 Best Law Firm SEO AgenciesComrade

770 N Halsted Street, #106, Chicago, Illinois 60642 - +1 (312) 265-0580

#6 of 10 Top Law Firm SEO Businesses of 2018 - Comrade works with law offices of various sizes to deliver SEO content so that it's easier for viewers to discover the type of practice that the office offers. The firm will perform the research needed to determine what is working for the client and what should be changed depending on the area where the office is located and what other law offices are using to gain new clients. There is an ease of using the site for the office in order to update SEO content in the future.

#7 of 10 Best Law Firm SEO FirmsSEO Law Firm

Tampa, Florida

#7 of 10 Top Law Firm SEO Businesses of 2018 - Custom Legal Marketing creates websites and branding materials that showcase the strengths of law firms. Their professional team handles the entire process from start to finish, offering custom concepts, photography services, web design and more. By combining creativity and data, Custom Legal Marketing delivers websites that convert clicks to customers, and they offer a No Competition Guarantee, ensuring they won’t provide services for another law firm within the “competition zone” of a current client. The company has been honored by the Dot Comm awards, the Creative Music awards, the Centauri Vega awards and others for their law websites.

#8 of 10 Best Law Firm SEO CompaniesAmicus Creative Media

New York City, New York - +1 (877) 284-4406

#8 of 10 Top Law Firm SEO Businesses of 2018 - Amicus Creative Media, also known as Zola Creative, is an online marketing firm based out of Port Washington, New York. They specialize in providing law firms with website design, video marketing, public relations, online advertising, and blog development services. The team at Amicus Creative Media provide services to law firms of all sizes and who practice all areas of the law. Amicus Creative Media has worked with over a 1,000 law firms around the country, and the firm is a member of several state and bar associations. Their website is www.amicuscreative.com

#9 of 10 Top Law Firm SEO BusinessesiLawyer Marketing

San Diego, California

#9 of 10 Top Law Firm SEO Firms of 2018 - Based in San Diego, iLawyer Marketing has been helping law practices of all sizes find the clients that need their services since their founding in 2005. Over the years, they've grown from a small one-man operation to a professional agency with over 30 employees. They believe in delivering results for their clients, and a client retention rate of over 90 percent indicates they accomplish this. They have specialized knowledge in how to get legal practices and law firms on the first page of the major search engines under those keywords that people in need of your particular legal specialty are searching under.

#10 of 10 Top Law Firm SEO AgenciesJurisPage

New York City, New York - +1 (888) 379-2713

#10 of 10 Best Law Firm SEO Companies of 2018 - As a lawyer, you are super busy and probably spend much of your time in court, which makes it difficult to fully maximize your internet potential. But before you go hiring just any old SEO specialist, allow the professionals at JurisPage to help. JurisPage is an award-winning law firm marketing company and Google partner. Some of it's top services include website design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertisng, email marketing, blogging, logo design and branding. So, if you're really looking to ramp up your internet leads and increase your client base and sales, contact a representative at jurisPage today -- 1-888-594-3265.

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