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Based in Los Angeles, Meteorsite has access to some of the world's best creative and technical talent. Because of this, the agency has excelled in serving the online marketing industry and has received awards for their performance. In particular, Meteorsite excels in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) and is receiving special recognition. Meteorsite understands that companies face intense competition from local, regional and international firms. Consequently, ordinary SEO services won't work. Companies need to carve out a winning niche in the marketplace that allows them to thrive. Unfortunately, do-it-yourself SEO and ordinary SEO firms can't do the job. Meteorsite has developed a proprietary SEO system that allows them to create custom strategies for clients that consistently deliver measurable ROI. As a result, clients tend to stay with the firm over the long-run, In addition to delivering clients steady streams of search engine traffic, Meteorsite provides PPC management services.