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Solution21 is an e-commerce agency that offers a wide array of services, from web development to e-commerce marketing, to help customers design and launch their online businesses. This forward-thinking agency was established in 2015 in Bremen and currently employs a team of 50 ambitious professionals. The agency's specialty lies in e-commerce development, as they provide services such as web development, mobile app development, search engine optimization, and UX/UI design, all tailored to meet their customer's specific needs. Solution21 has served a variety of clients, from small businesses to enterprises, but primarily focuses on clients in the eCommerce and advertising and marketing industries. The agency's team of experts is versed in both the latest frameworks and content management systems and a range of programming and scripting languages, such as Python, AngularJS, and C#. Additionally, their broad repertoire of services also includes Mobile Platforms such as Android and iOS, and SEO focused on on-site optimization, content development, and technical SEO, among others. Solution21 strives to create tailored and quality websites, web apps, and online shops that suit the needs of their customers, while preserving their individual touch. The team works with passion and dedication to ensure that the final result not only fulfills the technical aspects but also captures the customer's originality and heart.