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Solution21 is a leading e-commerce agency founded in 2015 with headquarters in Bremen. With over 50 experienced employees, Solution21 started as a small online shop to now dedicate their services to websites, web apps, and more. Specializing in service lines such as eCommerce Development, Ecommerce Marketing, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Search Engine Optimization and UX/UI Design, this innovative company has been providing digital solutions to help their clients gain new opportunities. Their focus on small business and the eCommerce industry makes them a tempting agency to choose from. On top of that they specialize in various systems, frameworks and mobile platforms, as well as programming & scripting, SEO and other services. The creators of Solution21 fully understand the difficulties of having an online shop, so their goal is to make sure that their clients remain unique. With their help Solution21’s clients have achieved many successes with the help of software and other innovative marketing strategies that are catered to their individual needs.