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Smack Happy is a small, yet highly successful web design and development firm that was founded in 2008. With its headquarters based in San Francisco, the firm is made up of a small, yet dedicated, group of employees that are at the leading edge of web design and development. Smack Happy specializes in providing custom websites with quality design, functionality, and security. The company is renowned for its focus on custom solutions for small business customers, boasting a wide range of services including web design, content marketing, graphic design, logo design, and print design. It also relies upon a range of frameworks and CMS platforms with WordPress being the chosen way forward for 90% of its work. With the flexibility of its payment plans, employees, and services, the company has grown to become a leader in web development. The true success of Smack Happy comes from its dedication to providing an amazing web experience through the design of its sites. The company ensures that this experience aligns with the culture, personality, and values of its clients, something that helps to attract the right audience and help close the deal. With over 60 five star reviews on Yelp and Google, it would appear that this approach is paying off.