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Zadro Web is a leading provider of web development solutions that specializes in custom web development, SEO, cloud services, and fully-managed web hosting services. Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Batavia, with only two employees, this small but powerful web development agency has a speciality in WordPress, Craft CMS, AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. Zadro Web works with an array of industries, such as business services, financial services, telecommunications, legal, medical, non-profit, and retail, to craft tailored solutions for its clients. Offering the best-in-class service to midmarket, small businesses, and enterprises of all sizes, Zadro Web has earned the trust of a number of clients, including Assemblies Unlimited, Inc., Sidecar Creative, CleanTools, Inc., The Alphabet Shop, Inc., and many more. At Zadro Web, they understand that web-based solutions, search engine optimization, and trends in design are constantly evolving and are passionate about making sure that their clients are well-educated on the latest changes in the online environment. The company values collaboration and partnership and works with their clients to develop strategic solutions and trust these strategies through implementation. Zadro Web is the epitomy of excellence when it comes to web development and continues to bring their clients the highest-quality services.