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Best Rank uses a comprehensive approach to promote the best SEO practices and online marketing. Happy customers can testify to seeing increased organic rankings, making the services all the more worthwhile. The results are not only cost-effective, but provide measurable results that will give you the satisfaction of knowing that your site is being found. The company's methodology involves using a mixture of SEO, website content and design, social media and blogs to attract visitors to the site. Once visitors are attracted, landing pages and other media are used to convert them into leads. Social outreach, email marketing and other targeted actions convert leads into regular clients. The right marketing tools keep clients happy and encourage them to reach out to others. Best Rank utilizes a full range of services that keep clients happy. Search engine optimization techniques include organic methods, as well as more localized methods that are playing a bigger role in search results. Pay-per-click and social media, two of the top methods used to drive traffic, are both utilized and recommended by Best rank.