10 Best SEO PR Agencies October 2015

Search Engine Optimization based Public Relations (SEO PR) is an amalgamation of the two schools of online marketing, SEO - the practice of creating content targeted at both human readers and search engine crawlers - and PR - the act of strategically managing the image of a person, product, or company. The SEO PR Firms below are well-prepared to take your brand and build its online and traditional awareness through the combination of these two skill sets. For information about our sister platform solely dedicated to public relations companies, please take this opportunity to check out the information and rankings provided on 10 Best PR. Ranking order is based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics, including the payment of variable monthly listing fees to be in our directory. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Top SEO Public Relations Company Logo: Digital Current
#1 of 10 Top Search Engine Optimization PR Companies

Digital Current

Mesa, Arizona

#1 of 10 Best PR Companies of 2015 - Online marketing and public relations should be handled simultaneously in order for them to both be as effective as possible. Many companies handle these things separately, but your company's branding could suffer if you do the same. This means that you are going to need to hire an SEO PR company that will tackle both search engine optimization and public relations for you at the same time. One great company to trust with this job is Digital Current, which has won a lot of awards from leading institutions for its high-quality work in this field and which offers other helpful branding services as well.

 Leading PR Agency Logo: Directive Consulting
#2 of 10 Best PR Firms

Directive Consulting

Orange County, California

#2 of 10 Best SEO Public Relations Agencies of 2015 - Directive Consulting is an SEO public relations agency that is dedicated to serving clients in order to bring them the recognition and business that each one deserves. Located in Orange County, Directive Consulting understands what it takes to be successful in terms of SEO. Technicians as well as other members on staff are more than willing to visit with clients and talk about strategy and what a client needs. Professionals are able to provide a quote of SEO work that can be done. Technicians are available to answer questions and are quick to call clients back in a timely fashion.

 Leading Search Engine Optimization PR Agency Logo: drumBeat Marketing
#3 of 10 Best PR Firms

drumBeat Marketing

Houston, Texas

#3 of 10 Top SEO PR Companies of 2015 - Drumbeat Marketing promotes its clients with energy and figurative volume to drown out the competition. The staff is comprised of movers and shakers who know how to speed up the momentum of a business. Drumbeat initiates an active conversation about the business, and encourages potential new customers to participate. Drumbeat helps its clients form lifelong relationships with their customers. Before coming up with a plan for promoting a brand, Drumbeat works with the company to make sure it is ready to be presented to the public. Drumbeat works behind the scenes to make sure that customers are impressed with what they see.

 Top SEO Public Relations Business Logo: SEOValley
#4 of 10 Best SEO Public Relations Firms


Chicago, Illinois

#4 of 10 Best SEO Public Relations Companies of 2015 - SEOValley, a leading SEO company, is one of the quickest growing SEO public relations companies in the world, achieving more first page positions than any other agency in the industry. Since 2001, SEOValley has delivered comprehensive and cost-effective marketing services to small to medium size companies. To date, the company has helped over 5000 websites reach top rankings on search engines by employing its expertise in SEO, SMO, ORM, CRO, and link building as well as website design and development services.

 Leading SEO PR Company Logo: Nebo Agency
#5 of 10 Top Search Engine Optimization PR Firms

Nebo Agency

Atlanta, Georgia

#5 of 10 Top Search Engine Optimization PR Agencies of 2015 - Nebo Agency, which is based in Atlanta, is the public relations agency that addresses the needs of individuals and businesses alike. There are a number of ways that members on staff can help clients stay in prominence and receive the positive public relations that is needed. Search engine optimization that is done by Nebo Agency professionals enable clients to receive multiple hits on search engine websites all across the world. In addition to this, technicians can create a wonderful website that functions well and provides helpful information to customers. Members on staff can take care of marketing on social media.

 Best Search Engine Optimization PR Company Logo: Brooks PR
#6 of 10 Leading Search Engine Optimization PR Businesses

Brooks PR

New York, New York

#6 of 10 Top Search Engine Optimization PR Agencies of 2015 - Public relations is a very involved process in today's world. Not only do you have to ensure that the public knows what your company is up to and what you have to offer, but you have to ensure that this information can be easily found online. Plus, on top of everything else, you also have to make sure that your company is coming across in a positive way so that you can maintain a good reputation. Fortunately, companies like Brooks PR can help. The Brooks Group is a public relations company that is very Internet-focused, which can help your company excel in the eyes of the general public.

 Best Search Engine Optimization PR Firm Logo: Melrose PR
#7 of 10 Leading SEO PR Companies

Melrose PR

Santa Monica, California

#7 of 10 Best Search Engine Optimization PR Firms of 2015 - Keeping a strong relationship with the general public and keeping your public audience informed about what your business is up to is important. However, handling these things when you're busy and ensuring that you are handling them the right way can be tough, especially when you have so much other business-related stuff to tend to. Luckily, this is where Melrose PR can help you. Melrose PR is a full-service public relations firm that will help you keep the public informed about your company and will help you maintain a strong name and reputation among your general audience and the world.

 Best SEO PR Business Logo: Straight North
#8 of 10 Top SEO PR Businesses

Straight North

Chicago, Illinois

#8 of 10 Best PR Firms of 2015 - Straight North provides clients with the public relations that are needed in a competitive workplace. Professionals at Straight North have been serving clients for more than 15 years. They know what it takes in order for clients to receive the notice and recognition of consumers as well as peers. Technicians use the Internet wisely and can attract new customers that can result in sales growth. Members on staff at Straight North can meet with clients and visit about how their services will best fulfill various needs. Besides this, technicians understand SEO and use it to the benefit of their clients.

 Leading SEO Public Relations Company Logo: Marketing Maven
#9 of 10 Leading SEO Public Relations Firms

Marketing Maven

Los Angeles, California

#9 of 10 Top SEO PR Companies of 2015 - Your marketing campaign is one of the most important parts of assuring that your business is successful. Marketing Maven understands the importance of creating a marketing strategy that is unique to each business they serve. The goal of Marketing Maven is to help their clients grow their businesses online by attracting leads and building trust. They believe in helping each of their clients build a better business. Don't settle for a second-rate marketing agency. Marketing Maven is the best SEO PR agency in the business!

 Best PR Agency Logo: Motion PR
#10 of 10 Leading SEO PR Agencies

Motion PR

Chicago, Illinois

#10 of 10 Best SEO Public Relations Firms of 2015 - Motion PR is a public relations agency servicing both large and small businesses. This company can promote any business using radio, television, newspapers, magazines and web content. They can also create SEO enhanced content for businesses seeking help with online promotion. Everything starts with a strategic plan to discover what creative content will work best for each company. The team of professionals at Motion PR can create new content for an existing website to improve the site's listing in search engines. This can be achieved through the creation of META tags, page indexing and keyword content.

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